19 April 2021
About Joel
o Guitar
o Drums
o DJing
Video Games
Stock Market
When I am at home I usually get on a call with my friends and start playing video games.
Occasionally, I will check the stock market for updates and to see what is going up or down. But
when I am not doing that, I am either out on a bike ride or on a small excursion with my dad
and brother. We go on trails with a massive SUV/truck and its a lot of fun. For my birthday this
year, I got a small DJ board that I use while on call with my friends so they can hear it. I have
totaled around 11-12 hours DJing and still need to work on my transitions between songs.
I use a Windows computer all the time, so I know how to use Word, PowerPoint, and a
little bit of Excel. I am also just very familiar with the system overall.
I know a basic amount of HTML coding as I took a small after-school course when I was
in elementary school.
I like messing with new programs, so I know how to use Audacity, but not very well.
I have a video editing software called Resolve that I use whenever I get really bored and
I enjoy editing quite a bit.
I know how to make an output, on a computer, turn into an input.